Da Crime-Click’s Hip-Hop Classic Gets Burger Records Vinyl Release

Da Crime Click’s debut album, Million Wayz to Murda, is out now for the first time ever on vinyl thanks to Burger Records. An album that the group originally sold at stereo shops in their hometown of Memphis, is now available on vinyl, cazzette, and CD.

Million Wayz to Murda cover artwork.

Million Wayz to Murda remains the hip-hop group’s only album since their 2005 follow was shelved for personal reasons including incarceration of some of the group’s members.

Crime-Click member Il Tone explained about the album, “it was strange because we was (sic) just having fun and it turned into something big.”

Crime-Click is II Tone, Mac Montese, Yung Madness, Big Cheese, K-D, and K. Redd.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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