Midwife Announces New LP With New Song

Denver multi-instrumentalist artist Madeline Johnston, or Dreamwife, is the “Heaven Metal” rocker who has announced her new album, Forever, will be out April 10th via The Flenser.

The announcement comes along with the fist single off of the album, “Anyone Can Play Guitar”.

This new album is an emotional one driven on the loss of Johnston’s friend Colin Ward.

“He was my roommate and was the embodiment of that place [Rhinoceropolis, the venue/co-op in Denver where they met] in a lot of ways. We became really close friends there. I was always learning so much from him, about life and being an artist. He was an amazing teacher and friend to me.” 

Forever cover artwork.

Forever Track Listing:

1. 2018

2. Anyone Can Play Guitar

3. Vow4. Language

5. C.R.F.W.

6. S.W.I.M

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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