Katie Gately Releases New Single and Video

Electronic musician and producer Katie Gately shared the latest single, “Waltz”, off of her upcoming album Loom, which will be out February 14th via Houndstooth.

Gately’s forthcoming album draws attention not just because of the critical success of her first album in 2016, but also because of the emotion behind this new release, being an album started from scratch after the death of her mother.

The music video for the newest song “Waltz”, features renowned model and dancer, Bobbi Jene Smith add features Gately herself in her own video for the first time. The video was directed by Samantha Shay.

About her work directing the video, Shay says, “When I work with a musician, there is a wide spectrum to feelings about being filmed or photographed, and Katie expressed that she didn’t feel comfortable on camera. The day of the shoot I asked Katie if she wanted to be challenged as a performer or not, and she practically demanded it of me. What resulted was absolutely magnetic. She willfully and bravely let her walls collapse in front of us, and this video, to me, is a powerful portrait of her.”

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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