Fallex Return With Roaring New Single

Fallex is the El Pasoan alternative/indie band with roaring vocals shouting love for their hometown. They released a new single, “The Outpost”, the first release since their debut EP in 2018, Space

In an email interview Oscar Morales, the band’s drummer, talked about what makes their sound unique from others, what their process is when it comes to writing their songs, and in what direction they wish to go in the future, the artwork for their latest single, and more.

Fallex are Brian Ramirez, Oscar Morales, Gilberto Terrazas, and Zeke Contreras.

Question: Who is an artist that has inspired your unique sound?

There are various artists that have inspired this next project, some are TR/ST, Flume, Foals, La Vida Boheme, Toro y Moi and Porches. 

What is it like to have your fans come out to The Lowbrow Palace and support you?

We are always excited when fans are able to support us even when we are a local act. The Lowbrow Palace opens the doors for us when available.

What has changed since the last EP came out?

 After our EP, Space, we invited our newest member Zeke Contreras to join as lead guitarist. In late 2018, we managed to work with our producer Mario Ramirez at Sonic Ranch Recording Studios and Jay Quijada at Rockstar Studios. 

“The Outpost” single artwork.

How did you decide the artwork for your album?

Oscar’s sister, Fernanda Morales, created the artwork. We wanted to continue the idea of having an animal as our artwork. We asked her if she could give us a “fresh” look and she created the flamingo inspired artwork. We are happy with the results.

In what direction do you want to take the “The Outpost’ album in comparison to the “Space” album?

Space is constructed with songs that we’ve had since the band started back in 2012. We really needed to get those songs off our chest, with our faster, heavier sound. With our new single “The Outpost“ we shifted our to a more “modern” sound influenced by Pop/Indie Electronic genres.

Creatively what do you want to do with your new songs?

Hopefully this new song pushes our boundaries and expands to more ears. We will like to create an idea of what direction to go. We plan on releasing more music soon and continue creating content.

When producing a song how do you pick the ones that make it in the album and the ones that get scrapped?

We usually think to ourselves if it’s good enough for someone else to like. Not only ourselves, but people from our surroundings.

By Albert Silva Fernandez

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