Chicano Batman Announce New Album & Tour

Chicano Batman is the groovy funk band from L.A. that seems like the chistoso tíos that you want at every party and this week they released their new single “Color my life” and announced their latest album, Invisible People, will be out May 1st via ATO Records.

Invisible People is the follow up to the band’s monumental album, Freedom is Free, through which the band solidified themselves and showed off their skills in mixing heavy political messaging with fun and funky sounds.

Chicano Batman did something that many ostracizing media sources like shows, books, news narratives, and other music fail to do, which was casually normalize “othered” existences; their messaging and themes aren’t exotified but rather normally presented while being wrapped in funk filled psych rock that makes any audience dance (not to mention every time they drop “La Manzanita” during their live sets and have everybody dancing to cumbias).

In a newsletter to fans, the band said, “the record is a statement of hope, a proclamation that we are all invisible people, and that despite race, class, or gender we can overcome our differences and stand together.”

The latest single “Color my life” came with an accompanying video and tour dates that will feature Crumb and Le Butcherettes.

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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