Eerie Gaits’ New Song Out Now

Eerie Gaits, comprised of New Yorker musician John Ross, releases its second album on April 10th via Sound as Language and its first single, “What’s Eating You” is out now.

John Ross grew up in Holopaw, Florida, an area that is not classified as a town or even hamlet but is rather an “unincorporated community”, people living there do not have a government to their own. Much like the unrequited rural town of Holopaw, the album demonstrates that something can contain both bleakness and beauty.

The introduction and ending of the album heavily contrast each other, as Holowpaw starts off hopeful and towards the end fades into nothingness. The album is “darker and more joyful at the same time”, shared Ross when comparing Holopaw to Eerie Gaits first record, Bridges Music. The album features songs like ” What’s Eating You” and “The Rainbow Trout And the Wicker Creel” that are indie rock and similar to the songs Ross writes with his band Wild Pink.

Track Listing

Cover Art
1. What’s Eating You
2. Out In The Tall Grass
3. Saw You Through The Trees
4. Loisaida
5. The Rainbow Trout And The Wicker Creel
6. The Lure Follows The Line
7. A Quiet Explosion In Your Secret War
 8. Oia
 9. 99, 100

By Marifer Venegas

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