Coco Vera Share Electrifyingly Neon Music Video

Mashup lotería cards, bright paint, and turn on the blacklight and you’ll have the stunning new music video Coco Vera of “These Walls”, a song featuring Mennell Alkhawaja from their latest album released earlier this year.

The project of Alejandra Robles Luna and Janelle Leigh Obert created a masterpiece of a music video matching the energy from their riff-filled music with bright colors.

“This music video is probably the most important thing we’ve ever made (definitely the most time-consuming). We started building our miniature town one month into quarantine, and have poured our highs, lows, tears, and humor into it,” said Obert. “It gave us a reason to wake up everyday, which truly saved us at times. This song is about believing in the power pf the people, and the notion that anything can be done if we unite!”

Robles Luna added, “for me, isolation opened a door to introspection so it was very important for me that this video include as much of my background as possible. It was through re-creating my past that I could finally get close to understanding myself. This video is full of symbols; it became more than political stance because it says more about our psyche and fears than anything else. We hope through this symbolism and vulnerability we help create awareness.”

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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