Cumbia is the New Punk, ‘Son Rompe Pera’ en su primer tour en los EEUU

Desde Naucalpan para el mundo, Son Rompe Pera is the only band in the world that mixes Cumbia and Garage-Punk al ritmo de la Marimba—while performing covers of Mexican, Columbian, and Peruvian classics, among with their original music. Their dynamic folkloric sound will be showcasing live on their first North America tour, starting this August.

Performances in Mexico City, California, New York, Massachussets, Maryland, Pennsylvania, and future small shows to be announced.

After their last live concert at the Vive Latino music festival in Mexico City, Son Rompe Pera could only be seen at virtual shows from around the world, such as Mole de Mayo in Chicago, World Music Institute’s New Year’s Eve celebration, 2020 WOMEX international conference, as well as festivals in Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, and Italy.

Their last live shows were weekly in the outdoors of Mexico City’s Parque Mexico located in Condesa. Now, Son Rompe Pera will perform in the United States’ coasts, some along Panteón Rococo in September, and at Pittsburgh’s Pittonkatonk music festival.

The group’s name consists of “Son” from the Son Cubano Batuco loved, “Rompe” because of how their mother would discipline them (by hitting them for not doing their homework), and “Pera” from the Mexican hypocorism of their mother’s name, Esperanza.

Son Rompe Pera started as the brainchild of the Gama brothers’ Veracruzano father, Batuco, whose nickname came from him playing the drums (batacas/drumsticks), and learned the marimba when exposed to the culture of Naucalpan, Mexico City.

The talented Gama brothers are Murfy Kilos playing on the percussions, and Kacho with Mongo playing vigorously side-to-side on a four-octave and a half marimba. They learned to perform with their father at local parties, mercados, tianguis, and weddings.

While rebelling against their father playing in local Psychobilly bands, they met with the rest of their future band members, drummer Ritchie Lopez and his cousin Raul Albarrán on the bass, according to an interview with Remezcla. After a sabbatical year due to their father’s passing, the group revived in 2017 when they were invited to tour over 40 shows in Chile with one of Batuco’s clients: Aldo “Macha” Ansejo, member of the groups Chico Trujillo, La Floripondio, and Bloque Depresivo. That’s when they decided to mix their family’s origins with their own discoveries, assembling the Son Rompe Pera we know today.

Son Rompe Pera’s first LP, Batuco, by AYA Records (a new imprint of the label ZZK Records)

On February 28, 2020, Son Rompe Pera released their debut album Batuco in honor of the Gama brothers’ father and produced by Aldo “Macha” Asenjo. Their latest projects consists of a 5-song EP from their viral “Live on KEXP at Home” session called Bootleg Cumbia Vol. 1 (available only on their bandcamp), and a new collaboration on the track “Ay! Ke Cumbión” by Veracruzana riot grrl Ali Gua Gua (for her upcoming album Menos Pause), also featuring Zapoteca rapper Mare Advertencia Lirika.

Son Rompe Pera’s music can be stream/dowloaded here, and their merchandise, vinyl, and CDs are available through AYA Records’ band camp.

By Paulette Villa

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