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Shana Cleveland of La Luz Announces Solo Album Out April

Shana Cleveland, the singer and guitarist from La Luz, has announced that her first solo album Night of the Worm Moon will be out April 5th via Hardly Art records. Cleveland has also released the lead track, “Face of the Sun.”

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Lala Lala Signs With Hardly Art, Announces New Album

Chicagoan Lillie West, or Lala Lala, signed with Hardly Art and will release her record The Lamb, on September 28th. Stereogum sited Lala Lala as a band to watch and debuted the first track off of her upcoming album, “Destroyer.”

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Jenn Champion Announces New Album

While listeners far and wide are still jamming out to Jenn Champion’s “O.M.G. (I’m All Over It),” Champion has announced that her first album not done under the “S” moniker, Single Rider, will be released on July 13th via Hardly Art Records. Along with the album release date comes the next single, “Time to Regulate.”

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La Luz, ‘Floating Features,’ Album Review

Los Angeles surf rock band, La Luz, is back with their third album titled Floating Features. Mixing in some lush 1960’s pop guitars, grooving bass, and tight drums make for a very relaxing and mellow listen. La Luz knows fairly well that they are not treading new waters or even adding a new twist to the surf rock genre itself, instead they fully embrace the time they are given to bask in the sunshine.

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“Kill Pride, Make Love,” An Interview With The Moondoggies

The Moondoggies released their latest album, A Love Sleeps Deep, on Hardly Art Records. This album is a highlight of the band’s singer and songwriter, Kevin Murphy and his mastery on lyric writing. This adventure that the Moondoggiess took their listeners on is a path of sadness and frustration that ultimately gives hope.

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