Lala Lala & Grapetooth Gift Fans a Surprise Collab for Valentine’s Day

Lillie West of Lala Lala and fellow Chicagoans Grape Tooth released two surprise collaborative singles, “Fantasy Movie” and “Valentine”. The songs are now out digitally via Hardly Art and Polyvinyl records.

Grapetooth’s Chris Bailoni explains, “I wanted [“Fantasy Movie”] to be filled with lots of layers of wobbly detuned organs and synths with a similar timbre that constantly cut in and out throughout the arrangement.

“[On “Valentine”] Lillie and Clay [Frankel] sang beautifully for hours and left the session file with almost 100 tracks on it – organizing and then mixing that song was a wild maneuver but I’m super happy with how the songs came out. I love making music with these two pals.” 

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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