‘Hola Todos,’ an Interview with TH Da Freak’s Thoineau Palis

Hola Todos is the most recent work from French lo-fi garage pop band, TH Da Freak, which combines a variety of new sounds, it is also a start point for the projects that the band currently has in the making.

In an interview, Thoineau Palis, TH Da Freak’s main composer/writer, talked about the whole concept Th da Freak new EP Hola Todos, the whole concept around Th Da Freak new material, the making of the newest album TH Da Freak creative process and the reason why they integrate three languages in their songs.

In less than two years, Thoineau, released two albums, two EPs and a double album of B-sides, which quickly established him as one of the most exciting and promising indie acts to come out of France in the last few years.

Estefania Mitre: First off, thank you for taking the time to respond to my questions. I have to admit I really liked the songs and albums TH Da Freak has created over the last few years.

Thoineau: Hey! Thank you! Doing the best that I can.

Where does the inspiration come from to create this groovy, alternative mix? Following up with that idea, I would like to know where does the idea come, of mixing three different languages- in the case of Hola Todos?

Thoineau:My inspiration mostly comes from the DIY and lo-fi masters. There’s a lot of freedom in their music and I really want to do the same with no restriction at all. Mixing three different languages is very natural for us because we speak French everyday and there is a Spanish origin member in the band. So it happens that we speak in Spanish sometimes because this language is festive and puts us in a cool mood. And of course English is the language of rock music. 

What were you expecting to express through this recent EP?

Thoineau: Hola Todos is like “hey, it’s us again, it’s another record, we did it for fun, listen to it or not we don’t really care?” Haha. In fact, to be more specific I would probably say that it is a record we did for us and only for us, without looking at anything else but the music in this EP. So it could be translated to “do what you want, have fun making art.”

What is your creative process when you are putting ideas together to create new material?

Thoineau: Oh, I think I’m like any other musician out there. It’s just me and my guitar in my room. But I like to work by doing “complete” pieces of art, by that I mean that I put myself in a precise mood to create like an EP or an album during a small period of time and I keep the best of it. For my biggest albums and some EPs there’s an EP or a declention for each of the tracks that compose it. My B-Sides albums (T-Sides and H-Sides, released in 2018) are like compilations of it.

Compared to The Hood, this EP has a different vibe, and it seems like TH Da Freak is experimenting with new sounds, what inspired TH Da Freak to create Hola Todos

Thoineau: The band that plays my songs live first inspired me to create Hola Todos because it’s close to the sound we have when we’re doing gigs. And yeah I was listening to 80s punk records such as The Monomen or Mudhoney but also some early Blink-182 so it creates this urgy-but-dirty sound on the record. I was also inspired by Ty Segall and all these Californian artists that are doing raw and creepy garage or 60s weird surf songs.

What were some of the TH Da Freak’s expectations when they started this project (the band)? 

Thoineau: Personally it was the occasion for me to play my songs live because it’s really great and satisfying to do so. For the band that play with me I guess it was an opportunity to have fun making music and experiencing the “on the road” lifestyle, meeting wonderful people and letting off steam!

What would you like to tell to the Borderland audience?

Thoineau: Destroy this fucking wall! (but don’t get killed please)

What is next for TH Da Freak?

Thoineau: We’re touring western Europe in February 2020. And I’m currently making a new big album. I’ll take my time on this one!

Would you consider coming to the U.S., if yes, where would you like to go?

Thoineau: It would be really sick but it’s hard for foreign bands to tour the United Sates especially for French bands. And I think I would like to go everywhere because every place has a very strong identity. But if I had to pick just one destination, maybe Oregon? Close friends of mine told me really good things about it so I’m very intrigued!

By Estefania Mitre

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