Lie and a Chameleon Re-release Debut Album for Fans Abroad

Japanese rock band Lie and a Chameleon are following the success of their last album, JUGEM, by re-visiting their debut album, WOTOSHIANA, and sharing to audiences outside of Japan via JPU Records.

For the release, the band’s lead vocalist Cham(.△)  translated the titles of the songs on the album to English and shared some additional commentary for for the album which will now be available to stream and download.

Cham said about the re-release, “WOTOSHIANA is our first full album so it’s like a business card of what we’re about. This time, since we’re re-releasing it from JPU Records, I named the English titles by myself because I wanted to deliver the meaning in my own words to many fans (嘘チル/ UsoChiru/ Lie and Chameleon Children) in foreign countries.”

WOTOSHIANA JPU Records release album cover artwork.

WOTOSHIANA Track Listing:

  1. The night parade of one hundred demons
  2. Message to Phaeton
  4. The notebooks of A
  5. Marble lens
  6. About Mr. N
  7. Ringing scales
  8. In the city where black-tailed gull crows
  9. Tetrapot-New-Urashima
  10. Maugham at the atelier
  11. However the Illusionist shake the dice

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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