Bay Area’s SPELLING Releases Second Single from Upcoming Album

Chrystia Cabral aka SPELLING shared “Boys at School”, the second single from her forthcoming album due out June. This newest track drives home SPELLING’s vocals with a wave of piano.

SPELLING’s new album The Turning Wheel is her sophomore album and follows up her 2019 debut Mazy Star. The album will be out via Sacred Bones June 25th.

This new album is a testament to vision and a collaborative process, incorporating 31 other musicians and being self-produced. The ensemble resonates throughout the album creating a symphonic and surrounding sound that make the Cabral’s voice thunder.

Two years since her debut album, The Turning Wheel’s release was also pushed back by a whole year. But SPELLING used the time added from the album’s initial September 2020 release to fine-tine the album.

The Turning Wheel album cover.

The Turning Wheel Tracklist:
01. Little Deer
02. Always
03. Turning Wheel
04. The Future
05. Awaken
06. Emperor with an Egg
07. Boys at School
08. Legacy
09. Queen of Wands
10. Magic Act
11. Revolution
12. Sweet Talk

By Antonio Villaseñor-Baca

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