PUP’s ‘Morbid Stuff’ Album Review

Canadian emo/pop-punk band, PUP, have released their third full length album titled Morbid Stuff, a title that more than describes this album as a whole. Within the opening moments of the album, PUP delivers a lyrically angst filled with ridiculously dark and somewhat humorous situations the protagonist gets involved in.

Whether it’s contemplating past lovers who may have passed or parents getting high in the attic, title track “Morbid Stuff” perfectly sets the scene for the terrific ride that is this album. “Free At Last” balances feelings of sadness with its angry delivery. “See You At Your Funeral” is a prime example when the song switches from being silly in the situational moments of seeing a former significant other in a grocery store, to wishing that the entire human population dies as the Earth explodes.

“Sibling Rivalry” is a fun anthem that is hilariously fed up with siblings at war with each other. “Full Blown Meltdown” deserves a shout out as the hardest song on the album with the hardcore guitar playing signifying the protagonist’s slide into mentally breaking. A truly impressive feat the band accomplishes is the mixing of such dread filled lyrics with lighter song structure. It’s something that causes the album to veer into messy territory, but is balanced and finely tuned to guarantee a fine time with every song.

If it must be compared to something that came before, think Weezer plucked right after recording the Blue Album mixed with The Get Up Kids. Production is also an accomplishment deserving praise. Songs never sound too squeaky clean nor minimal. Stefan’s vocals strain as he screams, drums crash strong enough, guitars crunch with every power chord delivered. Every instrument can be clearly heard with not a single one being drowned out by the others. 

PUP is a band that is always walking around with a cloud over their heads, especially when their band name is an acronym for “Pathetic Use of Potential.” Their latest LP is one that is filled with dark and morbid subject matter, but it still finds room to be light and offer its listener a fun time with silly and awkward situational moments sprinkled throughout its thirty-six minute runtime. It’s an album that cohesively comes together with melodies that will sink into your mind and demand you hum them hours after you take your first listen. PUP delivers an album that despite being morbid, is guaranteed to be an album you come back to. 

By Caleb Ortiz

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