Forever’s ‘Close to the Flame’ EP Review

Valentine’s Day 2020 came with a gift in the form of Forever aka June Moon’s latest EP release titled: Close to The Flame. With only six songs on this EP, Moon treats us to a 22 minute journey that boasts of dreamy synthesizers, lo-fi-esque hip-hop beats, and Moon’s vocals.

The opening track “Blur” is a pop gem that sticks to your mind. “Make It Happen” boasts of guest Just John bringing in a more R&B element to Moon’s pop friendly sound. It makes for a contrasting dynamic that ends up complimenting each other extremely well. “Devotion” continues the R&B dynamic as a slow burn that incorporates interesting percussion with a slight psychedelic trim. 

Eponymous track “Close to The Flame” is interesting as it introduces a number of ideas that know when to bow out of their performance before overstaying their welcome. The mix of R&B vocals, psychedelic instrumentation, and hip-hop beats all make for a 22 minute listen that will reward the listener.

By Caleb Ortiz

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